When an orgasm can save your life

June 20, 2023 | By Spencer Fry | Filed in: Erotica.

Are you still undecided whether to go to the Club again this evening in search of some fiery encounter, or are you not sure whether or not to accept the invitation of that recently known couple, whose intentions leave little room for interpretation?

Well, maybe these few lines could give you the boost you’re looking for, and this is especially true for men. According to what emerges from the European Congress of Urology , in fact, ejaculating at least twenty times a month would have decidedly important beneficial effects for boys, as well as obviously those related to pure and simple fun, which is still good for stress.

The important thing is to enjoy

Every opportunity to reach the ecstasy of the senses, therefore, is to be seized without exception. Whether it’s a ménage à trois or a quickie with a person you met on Annunci69.it, to the point of DIY,  auto-eroticism

Having regular ejaculations, in fact, favors the turnover of sperm within the male genital system, eliminating the older ones, and therefore less active, and manufacturing new, fresh and vigorous ones. A good Ejaculation, therefore, in addition to improving mood, thanks to the release of dopamine, promotes normal fertility in men , who need to regularly dispose of the 1500 spermatozoa that are produced by the body every second.

A saw saves your life

If you’re not planning a visit from the stork, however, there’s another huge benefit that could prompt you to enjoy a nice Orgasm, or give it to your partner.

Twenty ejaculations a month consistently reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer which, thanks to your hard sacrifice, will benefit your health.

The researchers are keen to clarify that 20 is obviously an indicative quantity, there is no real minimum number, nor a maximum number of times in which it is correct to indulge in personal pleasure. The advice of every andrologist is to follow one’s instinct, one’s nature and the desire of the moment, without this becoming an obsession.

However, it seems that a handjob a day keeps the doctor away.

Naturism: the Cassation cancels the heavy fines

If you are avid readers of our blog, you will surely remember the recent cases of  Messina and  Vizzola Ticino , where some naturists were fined with very high penalties that even reached €10,000. But the turning point has finally arrived!

Naturism, philosophy of life

If for those who practice it it is a way to experience the environment through a less artificial contact, and to be able to enjoy nature while completely naked under the pleasant rays of the sun or relaxing by the sea, by law, it is still a thorny problem today and poorly regulated.

Only 6 regions out of 20 in Italy have self-regulated, indicating about fifteen beaches authorized for naturist practice.

This means that out of approximately 8,000 km of sea coast and 1,500 lakes, it is possible to undress in serenity on only about ten kilometers of coastline.
Outside of these areas,  naturism lovers could incur high (and totally disproportionate) penalties, as a lack of regulation means that in Italy this long-traditional activity is still considered as contrary to public decency.

But finally, as explained by Avv. Rotelli on Gay.it, there’s good news for naturism lovers!

The sentence of 14 April 2022, n. 95 of the Constitutional Court, declared the 2016 law partially unconstitutional, putting an end to the paradox that had arisen years ago , when acts contrary to public decency had been reclassified from mild crimes to administrative crimes, bringing the penalties from a few hundred euros , to fines between €5,000 and €10,000. A large and unfair amount, disproportionate to the type of conduct, especially when compared with other far more serious administrative offences.

What changes from today

So, following the ruling a few days ago, naturists in Italy may still face fines for stripping naked in public areas, but the risk will be that of being fined €51 instead of €5,000.

A significant economic reduction, but above all the perception that naturists are slowly emerging from a phenomenon of total repression, to embark on a path of greater acceptance, which other countries in Europe and the world have long since valued and made a source of tourist vocation.

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