Female Orgasms

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Female Orgasms

The A-Spot Orgasm

Girls, do you understand where the G-spot is ? More or less level with the clitoris , but inside. Good, because now we have to find another one, always located on the same vaginal wall, but higher up, about 10 centimeters from the mouthpiece: the A point , which in turn is responsible for another type of orgasm, the A-Spot orgasm. It is precisely a piece of sensitive tissue located at the inner anterior end of the vaginal tube, between the cervix and the bladder. The A-spot is not as sensitive as the clitoris, so it can be stimulated again and again without stiffening. That’s why some women are capable of multiple orgasms, probably because they are orgasms obtained by stimulating different points or because it is always the same, the A-Spot orgasm. In any case, the stimulation of that point is not pleasant for all women, so don’t insist on reaching an orgasm that may not be for you. But let’s look together at the most suitable positions to get it.

– Missionary (he above her below): the partner gives small fast but deep thrusts that provide the right stimulation of the point;
– With one hand : same technique as the G-spot but with the fingers all the way down. Then just hook your middle finger and tickle.

The effects of this orgasm? Heavens open, the possibilities are practically endless. There are those who argue that it is very similar to the G-Spot orgasm and those who confuse it with the vaginal one, even if the majority, let’s face it, experience more or less intense orgasms without really understanding where they come from.

Female OrgasmsLet us know if you have found it, but above all, what you have experienced, because never as in sexuality are all women different!

The g-spot orgasm

What our ears had to hear during the last episode of Hyenas! Ilary broke the news that some American researchers from the University of boh, probably Chippewa Falls or another godforsaken place, have (again) denied the existence of the G-spot . Who’s to say now to the mass producers of g-spot vibrators and to all those women who swear they’ve found it? We will tell you more, eminent scholars in our opinion even a little envious: the orgasms of which the female body is capable are even 11 , eleven-of-there. Among these obviously the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal one, but also that of the skin, the nipples, the A-spot and many others that we will tell you about in due course. But let’s start immediately with the legendary G, who has always been persecuted by myriad pogroms of self-styled international luminaries.

The g-spot orgasm is precisely the one referred to the G-spot , located about 5-6 cm from the vagina but going all the way up. Read the rest